CollectyCut News

6-February-2007 CollectyCut 2.0 Release!

6-October-2006 CollectyCut Release!

2-September-2006 CollectyCut Beta

14-Jule-2006 CollectyCut Alpha

9-Jule-2006 Alpha

CollectyCut ChangeLog

[!] Important

[+] New

[-] Fixed error

[*] Changes

5-January-2008 [-] Fix infrequent error (sometimes quotes not created by Ctrl+C+C)

7-December-2007 [-] Fix AV (occur when quotelist is empty). Dana, thanks!

5-December-2007 [-] Some bug fixes

24-September-2007 [-] Fixed registration bug. Thanks to Joan Korenman.

6-February-2007 [!] CollectyCut 2.0 Released!

Recent Changes:

Multiple search modes

UI Redesign

Help added

Improved: Quote List and Tag List features

17-October-2006 [!] Added new search mode

12-October-2006 [+] Increased buttons and made captions on them.

12-October-2006 [*] Change default drop quotation behavoir. Text is not cutting from source.

11-October-2006 [-] Uninstall fixed. collectycut.fdb removed.

11-October-2006 [+] CollectyCut is initially minimized when it is started from Autorun.

11-October-2006 [+] Quotations dropped to CollectyCut window is added to Quotation List now.

5-October-2006 [-] Immediately save fixed.

4-October-2006 [-] Installation option. "Install The current user only" & "Run with windows" worked properly.

4-October-2006 [*] Quotations insert at top, not a bottom of the Qute List.

4-October-2006 [!] All data in CollectyCut saved immediately after changing.

4-October-2006 [!] CollectyCut based on DB engine now, not XML files.

4-October-2006 [-] Triple Ctrl+Ins bug fixed.

29-September-2006 [-] Installation option - Start with windows is checkbox now.

18-September-2006 [+] Installation option. Run with windows.

18-September-2006 [+] Hide to tray. Thanks to Nickolay Merkin!