• Easily to add new quotations
  • Easily to tag quotations
  • Easily to search the quotations
  • Export html
  • Unicode support
  • Nice and ergonomic user interface

Who needs CollectyCut?

  • Bloggers
  • Journalists
  • Analysts
  • Copywriters

Pretty much everyone who spends lots of time in the net, boards or blogs.

What is CollectyCut:

CollectyCut is a smart and convenient solution to manage extensive collection of quotations in an ordered and tidy way.

When reading a blog or article we often encounter an interesting idea worth thinking of, or a link to seemingly useful information. Unfortunately, in the most cases such useful yet spontaneous finds just get lost again as we don’t have time to deal with them at the moment. We write this thought to a sheet of paper, save it to a special IDEAS file, or stick to the display. However, later we find out that the sheet was thrown away by the office-cleaner, the sticker fell off the monitor a year ago and the IDEAS file is overfilled with ideas and it becomes impossible to find links which we are interested in right NOW.

To solve these problems, we have developed CollectyCut.

While you are reading an interesting text, you can select an appealing part of it and press Ctrl+C twice. Then just continue your reading, CollectyCut has already stored your quotation and you can come back to it at any time. To simplify further quotation search mark them with the appropriate tag later on.

CollectyCut in brief
Download, ver. 2.0, Win 2000 or higher, 1.23 Mb
Buy Online, 19.95$

Delivery: Registration Key. Availability: Immediate via email

CollectyCut will be useful when:

  • Doing data hunting
  • Preparing news, or investigating new subject
  • Ideas fishing while net surfing
  • Encountering an interesting point of view or an aphorism in a blog or a message
  • Doing a literature research
  • To find quotation stored earlier in the collection, just drag'n'drop appropriate quotation's tag to the search area.